Funeral in Sloviansk

Funeral in Sloviansk

Today three dead were burried in Sloviansk. Sergei Tihanovitz, Pavel Pavlelko and Aleksandr Sigmus  were victims of the shootout a couple of days earlier at a checkpoint. It seems still uncertain what exactly took place that night and many theories are in the air. Here the official explanation is an attack from the Right Sector....

Press conference at Ukrainian House, Kiev.

Today the Afghan Veterans and Right Sector held a press conference at the Ukrainian House. They are giving a deadline until Friday 7th for the Government  to release the arrested protesters. This deadline was previously meant to be on Tuesday 4th. They also want to take part of the peace negotiations. The atmosphere on the...

My reportage “Last Platoon” out in Helsingin Sanomat and Eesti Päevaleht

Last Platoon is a photo reportage on the last estonians patrolling in Helmand province, Afghanistan. By the end of 2014 ISAF will leave Afghanistan and hand over the operation to the local authorities and forces. Has the Operation Enduring Freedom accomplished anything and  what was the outcome of it? HELSINGIN SANOMAT – EESTI PÄEVALEHT    ...
2000 protestors march in Kiev to the "Memorial To Kruty Heroes"

2000 protestors march in Kiev to the “Memorial To Kruty Heroes”

Around 2000 protestors marched today to the Memorial To Kruty Heroes. The march is peaceful and the police don’t interfere with it. At the memorial a ceremony takes place and the crowed then returns to Majdan where the situation is still calm.    
Still quiet at the barricades.

Still quiet at the barricades.

Many believed that tonight would be a blow up at the barricades due to the voting of the new laws, but the barricades are quiet. fire places here and there keeping the watchmen warm. Both the opposition and the police holds their lines. The night is extremely cold because of the wind and Majdan looks...
House of Ukraine occupied, more in Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper.

House of Ukraine occupied, more in Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper.

Two nights ago the House of Ukraine was occupied by the protesters driving the police out. The the protest square has thus expanded further. Read about this and more in Hufvudstadsbladet news paper in Finland. I will be publishing at them for the upcoming days. WWW.HBL.FI
In Kiev for now...

In Kiev for now…

The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanykuych has offered the position of Prime Minister to the opposition’s Arseniy Yatsenyuk. One of the oppositions leaders Vitaly Klitschko talks for the protesters and demands the President to resign. It remains to be seen what will happen tonight.   Protesters are burning tyres at the Grushevskogo barricades in Kiev to...
Niklas Meltio becomes a Canon Explorer

Niklas Meltio becomes a Canon Explorer

Canon has chosen me to join their group of Canon Explorers. I am very grateful for this recognition. Feel free to check out my Explorer profile here:
Proud to present Syria documentary "Kasvot Syyrian Sodalle" tonight at 10pm (Finland only)

Proud to present Syria documentary “Kasvot Syyrian Sodalle” tonight at 10pm (Finland only)

I am proud to present a co-production between me and YLE TV, “Kasvot Syyrian Sodalle” (Faces of the Syrian War), a documentary on the war in Syria based on my coverage of the conflict during 2012 and 2013. It has been an honor to work with the great Ulkolinja team, the producers Vesa Toijanen, Ari-Pekka...
Reportage on Syrian Refugees in Iraq out today.

Reportage on Syrian Refugees in Iraq out today.

My recent photo reportage on Syrian Kurds who have fled to Iraq to escape the war and Islamic extremists is published today by not one, but two Finnish newspapers: Hufvudstadsbladet in Swedish and Aamulehti Sunnuntai in Finnish. When I visited the desert and the camps in September, it was obvious that this was a new...
"The Republic of Rabaa" multimedia published.

“The Republic of Rabaa” multimedia published.

The Republic of Rabaa, a story about the protests and microsociety at Rabaa al Adawiya in Cairo before it was cracked down. This Photoessay and multimedia was published by Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper in Finland.
Honored to receive The Visa D'or Daily News Award

Honored to receive The Visa D’or Daily News Award

I am honored to have received the Visa D’or Daily News Award 2013 at Visa Pour L’Image festival of Photojournalism. The Finnish Helsingin Sanomat newspaper was shortlisted with 35 other newspapers from all over the world competing for this award. It was also the first time for HS to enter this competition, so I am...