I arrived to Misurata this morning. The city is in ruins and the disasters from fighting in the city centre has left many people homeless. As we speak Gaddafi is hammering the western front, towards Tripoli with Grad rockets some 25 km from my position. Today the number of victims was higher than usually due to the fierce fighting going on. 8 dead rebels and 24 severe injuries. Some of them were in extremely bad shape only kept alive artificially as I visited the local hospital by the afternoon.

The rebels have been holding their stand for a month now and everyone is waiting to advance further west and maby even for the “big battle”. The streets are rather empty and the majority of businesses and shops are closed. Some due to evacuation and some due to most men being out on the battlefield. NATO planes can be heard and seen over Misurata, but no bombings has been done for a while. The rebels say they would benefit from further support from bombings but wonders why nothing happens.