Gaddafi continues rocketing Misurata randomly at night. Yesterday me and my friend Giovanni watched 24 years old Muhammed Al Moghra die after half an hour intense open heart massage at Hekma clinic. He was sitting in car while rocket hit the sidewalk. A shrapnel entered his heart and the damage was beyond repair. Further one more person was killed during the attack and 5 injured.

A doctor approached me and asked, why don’t NATO do anything. They could finish this war in a couple of days, what are they holding back for. Every single day innocent people die, women and children. I work at the hospital 24/7 and have been doing that for the last months, stiching up the victims of rockets.

These questions about NATO are common here. The Misuratans are confused of what NATO is actually doing?

From where I stand, right here in the midst of this all it’s not about politics, economics or the integrity of a nation. It’s about human rights.

I’ve seen the blood and the shredded bodies and can’t help but wonder if there wouldn’t be a instant solution for this. After all, the people of Libya is only fighting for their freedom from Gaddafi’s dictatorship.