Today Misuratans celebrated in the big way when Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s son and the head of intelligence was announced an arrest warrant by the ICC today.

People were gathering at freedom square protesting against Gaddafi. Guns were fired in the air. There seemed to be hope in the air, that maby the end of Gaddafi’s regime is coming to an end after all. There’s no guarantee of-course that this warrant will put any pressure on the current situation, forcing other countries to take action in capturing Gaddafi, it means a lot to the people. Even just as a gesture that someone out there is concerned about what’s going on here and acknowledge the crimes Gaddafi’s committed.

Back in Dafnia, the frontline, it was quiet. It has been for the last three days. There was no celebration there either. Even no shellings inside Misurata today. Is this the silence before the storm?